Dasmalab Technologies

Dasmalab Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a software and data computing company. We work on software development, data computing, mobile application development and website development. We work to grow together and build something valuable for you.






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About Company

We provide modern and powerful digital solutions

There is only one boss, The customer. We work for you to boost your business and impact the market which directly increase your sales rate. Lets work together and grow each other . We located at Sanepa, Lalitpur.






Let Us Help You Grow

We never comprise on the pillars of our service


We believe in creating simple but effective products. We like to keep things simple as it is better for users using them. This helps us to create safe, secure and easy to use systems.


Performance and optimization are the key parts of our service. Everything we build needs to be scalable to everyone. We always try to build future proof technologies.


Always we focus on our products in a way that they should have an impact on people using it and society as a whole. We always aspire to change the lives of people around us in a positive way using technology.

why Us ?

  • Dasmalab team is proficient in the latest technologies that allow us to build scalable and high-performing solutions for a variety of businesses.
  • We love to bring digital innovations to real business problems.
  • Trend is our friend
  • We have a core stepwise working pattern first we initialize your requirement and discussion with our team.
  • After that starting the planning of the project and strictly follow our development process
  • Our Motto is Trust, Honesty and Commitment.
  • In the development process technology stack plays a vital role so we follow the latest and stable technologies .
  • In frontend development we use: React js, Next js and Vue js as requirement of the project.
  • In backend development we use: Python and Php

Our Development Process


Initial Planning

Project plans, procurement requirements, cost estimations, and schedules. Together, we form a blueprint for the team to follow and ensure the successful development of the project.


Discussions & Design

With the requirements in place, it’s time to start designing what this software will look like and how it will function. if there are any lack of any features & easily make changes



We working in Agile sprints, building out an MVP. The goal here is to stick to the planning and requirement and avoid scope creep, and build clean, efficient and user-friendly software.


Testing & Optimization

It’s important to shipping buggy free software to real customers. As we follow our guide to bug tracking and repeat testing. we aware about bugs which can kill software and Company reputation.


Deployment & Maintenance

After deploy project in server , customer needs are always evolving. And as people begin to use your software, they’ll undoubtedly find bugs, request new features, and we always care about that.


“You live in a world where people remember your error far more than the testimony after. So you gotta be careful with your record.” ― Olawale Daniel